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The new facility will provide a focal point for a range of health care learning, education, research and enterprise activities. As part of a wider campus re-development, demolition of existing outdated accommodation makes way for the new extension, re-aligning the public frontage of the College to create a new Life Sciences Garden and an identifiable new entrance. A double height glazed gallery link connects to the B Listed Victorian Art Block, previously isolated from the main accommodation, as well as several areas previously inaccessible to wheelchair users.

Projects for college

Special Features The presidential election was one of the most exciting and complicated in U. This website provides an introduction to one aspect of the campaign: Most of these cartoons have been buried in archival microfilms, where students can't reach them.

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They offer a window into political structures and issues, society, and culture in the United States, just before the turn of the last century. We will be adding more cartoons and features--check back occasionally to see what's new.

Projects for college

The site includes presidential Election Results by state. Use the Bibliography and Journal pages to explore our sources; consult the Teaching page for ideas on using "" with students of history, politics, or literature.

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If you or your class wish to do your own research and add to the site, please write to us with your proposal. These themes--and protests against them, which were largely ignored in the press--represented the state of public opinion at the time.

We include such material as part of our commitment to a full understanding of the past and its legacies today. The symbol of the house, as well as the logo at the bottom of each page, always takes you to the top of this Home Page.

The clock takes you to a chronology of major events in the campaign, and a listing all of the cartoons reprinted at this site, in the order they were originally published. The typewriter takes you to a list of journals and newspapers used in constructing this site, with information about their locations, editors, and circulation numbers in The elephant, traditional symbol of the GOP "Grand Old Party"links to an information page on the leaders, issues, and tactics of the Republican party in the campaign.

The donkey, traditional symbol of the Democrats, links to an information page on Silver Democratic leaders, issues, and tactics in the campaign.

Projects for college

The plow takes you to information on the leaders and national strategy of the People's, or Populist Party, in the presidential campaign.

Index of Leaders and Themes Leaders.Capital Projects Proud of our past building our future About our capital projects The Centralia College Foundation's $3 million Capital Campaign offers everyone the opportunity to become a stakeholder in the growth and continued development of the state's oldest continuously operating community college—and to fulfill the dreams of deserving students for years to come.

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Want to know more about our programs or stay informed about events at the College? Subscribe to our mailing list. Seminole State's English Language Studies have developed the Practice English Tutorials and Tests (PETT) Projects to help ESOL students become more comfortable with the listening and reading skills used in functional English assessments.

The Alexander Graham Bell Centre is a new healthcare teaching facility forming an extension to the Moray College Campus in Elgin.

The new facility will provide a focal point for a range of health care learning, education, research and enterprise activities. The College Project is designed to help your chapter develop a positive relationship between your chapter and the college administration.

How? By reaching out to the college administration to assist them in any project that supports your college.

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