Fashion business plan in nigeria conflict

Fashion Styling FM - Illustrator In this course students will learn the basic Adobe Illustrator concepts and tools necessary to begin now and further develop in later courses technical packages in fashion such as technical drawings, retail floor plans, promotional materials, catalogues. Illustrator tool set; apply Illustrator to the creation of technical drawings, fashion drawings, and storyboards; and create visual merchandising plans. The main objective of this course is to teach the student graphical image production using Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn how to correct and modify print as well as Web images using various techniques and organizational tools.

Fashion business plan in nigeria conflict

The level of demand for the product is quite high by virtue of the fact that Warri is a busy town with high concentration of oil workers and subsidiaries. The project turnover forand respectively is N29,; N,; and N38, Net profit for is N4,, increasing to N5, in and N6, in The project offers good investment benefit.

fashion business plan in nigeria conflict

We therefore highly recommend it for funding and implementation. As the population of the area is currently on the increase, the demand for quality fabrics is also on the increase. The Vision To be a one-stop shop for quality fabrics and a household name in fashion industry in South-South Nigeria.

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The Mission To provide quality fabrics that will meet the taste of different target groups at competitive prices continually. Name of firm Please insert Legal status The registration of the planned business with Corporate Affairs Commission will be undertaken as soon as fund for the implementation of the project is available to give the business a legal status.

Target Market Group Our target customers will include ladies, men, corporate executives, the youth especially the students. Competition The fashion industry in Nigeria is a highly competitive one. There is an average of three fashion shops in a street.

It is also a fast changing industry owing to the rapid change in fashion. The desire of the consumers to keep pace with the trends makes the competition more challenging.

Our fashion outfit intends to deliver unique fabrics at competitive prices as a new entrant. Market Analysis of the Fashion boutique business plan The emphasis today is on the way people look as well as the need to keep up with the trends in fashion has created a large market for the boutique business.

The change in lifestyle in addition to change in social and corporate pressure have made boutique business a good option for busy corporate executives and house wives who may not have the time to shop from the regular markets.

Besides, the youth, ladies and gentlemen find boutique a ready source for their fabrics needs. So there exists a ready market for fabrics especially if they are trendy.

Marketing Strategies Special sales promo, home delivery service and offer of tailoring services will be our core marketing strategies.Teach your students about the use and structure of a timeline with this lesson plan.

Students will read a text lesson that guides them through the process of making a timeline before trying it out. UN News produces daily news content in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and weekly programmes in Hindi, Urdu and Bangla.

Our multimedia service, through this new integrated single platform, updates throughout the day, in text, audio and video – also making use of quality images and other media from across the UN system. Shell Energy Transition Report. How are we driving our business strategy in the context of climate-related risks and opportunities?

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The Shell Energy Transition Report helps answer questions from shareholders, governments and non-governmental organisations about what the . Starting a fashion design business in Nigeria is just a level one student if considered.

The main goal is to see the business archiving the purpose. The goal of every business is to grow, starting doesn’t guarantee it growth as you may have thought.

The frenzy surrounding the local impact of the fashion business in Nigeria is setting a business trend leading to the creation of a new fashion store at every street corner almost every day, whether a proper feasibility study had been carried out .

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Fashion Business Plan