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The clubs all have open bars and food catering. The passenger lounge, which has a seating capacity ofreflects a blend of contemporary and traditional design. Each lounge chair is equipped with a power supply, enabling passengers to charge their personal electronic devices. Wi-Fi is available in the lounging and dining areas.

Brand analysis lufthansa

The article provides history of the airline industry which includes the emergence of strategic alliances, budget carriers, competition and collaboration, cultural assessment and finishes off with a SWOT Analysis and perspective of the future of the Star Alliance.

Airline History The airline industry has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds since the early days of the Wright Brothers.

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The airline industry took flight and yielded its first signs of competition in the late s with deregulation. This act caused the slow reduction in the powers of the Civil Aeronautics Board, which up to that point had strong control over pricing, market entry and most other airline functions.

Deregulation in Europe followed similar suit which essentially ended many of the existing constraints on European carriers. As deregulation broke down, many international carriers entered into arrangements with foreign partners to expand their network routes.

This type of arrangement is one of key reasons why the Star Alliance was formed which I will expand on thoroughly later in this article. The Chicago Convention spawned some governance and control across the international marketplace. Air routes, frequency and fares were all governed by this bilateral agreement.

This allowed for airlines the ability to advertise other airlines as their own. The obvious benefit here is to create a larger presence and increase the chances of generating additional sales.

Brand analysis lufthansa

This practice would also become common across the current alliances we see today in the airline industry. Another noteworthy piece if airline history was that of the U. S Open Skies agreements of This key bilateral air treaty granted KLM and Northwest full anti trust immunity.

Its main purpose was to bring about the liberalization of all global air routes. This allowed KLM and Northwest the ability to act as one company with regards to most aspects of their business functions. This key piece of legislation assisted in the growth and enhancement of business worldwide.

Just as quickly the airline industry spiked between the years of 95 and 98 just after the Gulf War. Yet again another major downturn in the aviation industry was a result of the tragic events of September 11, I will be overlapping some years in the late 90s to discuss the formation of global alliances.

Emergence of Budget Carriers One of the major faults that big airlines were faced with was that of overcapacity.Find cheap flights in seconds, explore destinations on a map, and sign up for fare alerts on Google Flights.

Lufthansa are one of the few airlines to permit Gold level cardholders access to their top-tier Senator lounges if travelling economy: most other airlines shuffle them to some second rate lounge.

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